OhSheep is a mobile f2p game, about killing sheep willing jump over the fence in order to not fall asleep.


Mad scientist transports his life invention by train. He imagines ordinary surrounding as terrible threats, waiting to rob him. The travel is so wearing, but he can’t fall asleep in order to save his precious invention. Sheep appearing in front of his eyes. What’s to do?

Whats happens when you want fall asleep? You have to count sheep jumping over the fence.
What’s about staying awake? You cannot let a sheep to jump!

You will face a horde of scurvy sheeps running toward the fence. In order to stop them you will become a sheep exterminator!
Eliminate sheep by drawing various of shapes. Gain different drawing skills, choose your own killing tactics. Knives, bombs, turrets, friendly animals, cataclysms and many more. All for your pure entertainment!