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Hello Everyone!
We proudly welcome you to our development blog!

shifter_logoAt the beginning of April the Gspot crew was formed.
We are after initialization stage of our first game, now.
What does the initialization stage means?

“Shifter” project is a harvest of our great love to the game industry. Every little detail to make a game well designed has a meaning for us. We have spend a lot of time to search for an inspirations and visual references in order to have strong and consistent artistic vision. We have prepared all important design documents to build a solid foundation for the project. We have worked on story scenarios, music, level layouts, basic gameplay mechanics and first concept arts. After thousand of iterations we are sure, that the early prototype will become a beautiful game provides a high level of entertainment. Our goal is to create memorable characters, an atmospheric world and a story that you will truly care about! 
We hope that “Shifter” will be our humble contribution to 2d platformer genre.
Stay tuned, and read more about the Shifter project!

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