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Our Projects


Alibabe is an adventure game with platformer mechanics set in a universe that combines fairy-tale fantasy and cyberpunk.

Oh Sheep

OhSheep is a mobile f2p game, about doing your best to stay awake, by preventing sheep from jumping over the fence!

Prison VR

You have 10 minutes to escape from the prison.

Gamejams projects

Day Rituals

Game about our daily morning rituals like toilet or breakfast.

Elzbieta (nie)boska kobieta

Pani Elżbieta wystawiona na próbę, przez swojego pracodawcę, zmuszona jest do przebierania się w różne bóstwa.


A local multiplayer game about chickens and metal concerts. And death. And brutality and violence. But mostly about chickens.

About Us

We create games!


The studio was founded in March 2015 by Marta Ziółkowska. Gspot Studios is based in Poznań (Poland) but we also work remotely form all over the Poland.



We are creating our own projects, but we also OUTSOURCING. If you want us to help you with your game, feel free to contact us via form below.



Sophisticated mechanics, unique art style and interesting storyline are the foundations of our games. We want to give people what they expect from the game industry which is great fun and challenges inside breathtaking virtual worlds.

Combination of each artistic area in the one creative creature

Our Team

Epic characters
Agnieszka Szwarc
Art Director

I am truly painting addicted. Can not imagine my world without it. What can be better then art and games mixed all together? Besides 2in1 shampoo of course…

Bachelor of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (New Media Arts) and Digital Frontier (1 year game developing course)

Marta Ziółkowska
Project Manager / Level designer

It takes a long time to grown young

Each heart beat is a step further to follow a dream of creating amazing digital worlds you want to play forever.

Bachelor of Engineering, ex Game Industry Conference, finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup Poland 2014 in games category.

Kuba Wiącek
AI / Gameplay programmer

I love games and I predict this industry a great future. I’m happy I can work on games because it is a thousand times more exciting than other parts of IT. Apart from games I’m interested in the theatre and historical reconstruction.

Bachelor of Engineering

Kasia Kempińska
Sound designer

Ears are one of the best thing which we’ve been given from nature. But when you combine what you hear, with something what you see, than you get a true picture of ourselves. So, I’m here to fill in beautiful, digital world with sounds.

Professional Title of Musician-Instrumentalist, Musician-Sound Engineering. Master of Music Composition

Maciej Kujawa
Story Writer

It is useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one.

This is the answer for the question: “Why I love fantasy”. I write an epic stories, beautiful fairy tales and poems, extraordinary scenarios and also solid applications.

Bachelor of Engineering, writer, modder and programmer

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